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Lucinda is a born adventurer and explorer.  She was visiting  a faraway land, where she made a discovery that changed her life forever.

She saw a giant ancient saucepan half buried in the centre of a village square.  Upon closer inspection, the saucepan revealed secret codes instructing Lucinda on how to fly the saucepan.

What will she do with this discovery and the ability to go anywhere in the world? Where would you go?

Join Lucinda Dumpling as she returns home to her family farm. Lucinda has many animals friends. Zaza the Cow, Rolo the Dog and Monty the Rooster all go for a ride with the other animals. However, can they still make it to safety from the flood? Will they escape the thunder and lightning? But with all the chaos, poor Monty goes missing. What happens next? Will Monty be saved from the storm?


Join Lucinda Dumpling when she visits the Amazon rain forest. She spends time learning about the Tree Sitters and how important the rain forest is to the earth. Who are the tree sitters? What is a tree village? The next thing that happened was a fire broke out in the forest! The Toucan sounds the alarm and the animals and birds flee to safety. But can Lucinda and Flash help the Tree Sitters to overcome the danger of the burning forest?


Join Lucinda Dumpling on her adventure to celebrate the season of Spring. She meets a curious coder who found out about Flash the Flying Saucepan and the secret codes.  However, Flash goes missing and they are still yet to find the Saucepan. Could it be that the coder wants Flash for himself or is he just trying to help? Finally, will Olivia Bellisima save the day? 


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