Meet Lucinda's creative friends.


Meet Lucinda Dumplings Author

Storytelling has always been a part of Renee’s life.  

Writing about Lucinda Dumpling takes her back to childhood adventures in nature. Spending time in the sea and dreaming of the mysteries of the world and beyond.  Skygazing is one of her favourite things to do.  She says, “It expands her imagination beyond.” 

She collects books as if storing up for hard times, and often wonders if her neighbours dance to her shamanic drumming. 

Some of her fondest memories are of exploring the woods and listening to the whispers of the trees, wondering what stories they may be telling each other all over the world. 

Experiencing the wonderment of many cultures and traditions during her travels have enriched her life immensely.  

She hopes that children and adults will enjoy and join Lucinda Dumpling on her many adventures and exploration of mystery, secret codes, dreams, cultures and the human connection.  She says, “If you can see my dreams, it will look like The Adventures of Lucinda Dumpling.”    

Renee is a full-time visual artist. She has a form of synaesthesia, which enables her to see music as colours.   Her sensitivity to sound has led her to create artworks based on sound frequency and the function of the brain. 

When not working in her studio, she’s either planning her next creative event or on an adventure. Her fun activities include shamanic drumming, reading, crocheting and skygazing.

Illustrative Black and White drawing of Lucinda holding a mug and smiling
Lucinda with her note pad


Meet Lucinda Dumplings Illustrator

José has been in the animation industry for more than 10 years.  Working in pipeline roles such as illustrator and key visual artist, character designer, animator and modeller. Using software from After Effects, Toon Boom, Clay, Maya and Zbrush. 

Being able to converge all this know-how experience into directing skills, led him to create his very own animation studio, Animuz.  The studio was established in 2015 it has managed and created production services for TV, web ads, games, and much more. 

Following the path of sharing knowledge in the animation production pipeline, from 2017 until 2019. He administered the “Animated Short Length Movies Production” classes at Mélies Animation College. This is one of the world’s top 15 animation schools. 

He’s sometimes called “The Man with a Magic Pen.”  You can see the joy and passion in his work.  On this current project “The Adventures of Lucinda Dumpling” the collaboration between David Meigh of Morf Studios and himself reflects a combination of skills. When looked at visually, you can only call it magical.

Lucinda Looking at some markings on a wall


Meet Lucinda Dumplings Animator

Three characters looking frightfully at lucinda

David is a classically trained animator in drawn and stop-motion techniques who specialises in 3D computer animation. 

He started in TV and advertising before moving to Disney promoting shows on Disney XD and Disney Junior.   

David was awarded a Scholarship to Vancouver Film School to pursue his passion for character animation. He has worked as lead animator on Children’s TV.  Shows such as Nickelodeon’s Blaze and Monster Machines, Disney’s Goldie and Bear, TOON’s Endangered Species and Mattel’s Barbie Movies. Recent work has seen David working on the Pokémon Movie. 

 He took his animation on the road through 13 countries into South America.  This enriched his vision of connecting creativity on an all-inclusive scale and formed MORF Studio in early 2020. 

He now manages animated projects with a team of talented artists across all disciplines, 2D, 3D, Stop-motion and VFX.  

His most recent undertaking “The Adventures of Lucinda Dumpling” puts him in the centre of managing the project in its entirety. Whilst still maintaining the position of animator and director.  

Asking anyone to describe their relationship with David, they can certainly say that he is a creative soul, and his contagious imagination is without borders.  He has the ability to reach and bring creatives together for the enhancement of any project. 

For more on MORF Studio and David Meigh, visit morph studios

Drawing of a goat watching the saucepan fly over his head